When to Start Growing Pumpkins for Halloween

Learning how to grow pumpkins for a jack-o-lantern or pumpkin pie can be a fun activity for your family. You can grow pumpkins by planting pumpkin seeds or seedlings every year for harvesting. Read on in this article to discover what months to grow and harvest pumpkins for Halloween and how to grow pumpkins from either a seed or seedling?


What Months Do I Plant and Harvest my pumpkin?

The best time to grow a pumpkin is early June. The pumpkin seedlings will continue to develop until time for harvesting in late September to early October. The smaller pumpkins can be used for pies while the larger pumpkins for cutting out the shell and making jack-o-lanterns.


Growing Pumpkins from Seeds

If you choose to grow your pumpkin from a seed, then you should start growing it on the inside of your home. The seed should grow to 3 or 4 inches before it can thrive on the outside. There are varieties of pumpkins available so it is important to speak with your gardening or hardware store expert in determining which variety will have the best success for you. Pumpkin seeds can be broken into two category types of confectionary seeds or oil seeds for pressing into oils.


Growing Pumpkins from Seedlings?

Once your pumpkin seed has grown to at least 3 inches, take it outside and dig a mound in the soil forming a hill about 2 inches tall. Plant the pumpkin seedling about one inch inside the soil. Multiple pumpkin seedlings should be planted one foot apart. Monitor your seeds regularly to make sure they are showing signs of growth. As a beginner you may want to call your nearby gardening or homebuilder store with any questions you may have.


The Best Way to Grow Pumpkins

All pumpkin seeds and seedlings love the sun. Planting outside should be done where the sun can get to your seedling. Also make sure to water your pumpkin seedling to keep the soil moist. Usually, honeybees will help in pollinating your seedling which helps in creating a great pumpkin. You will observe smaller pumpkins growing around a larger pumpkin. If you want to cultivate a large pumpkin, then you will need to cut off the smaller pumpkins surrounding it. Water every other day unless the temperature is extremely hot. Cutting away the smaller pumpkins will allow the larger pumpkin to continue developing and growing to its optimum size.


These are some great tips about when to grow pumpkins for Halloween. As you plant pumpkin seeds or seedlings each year during early June, you should begin to discover certain techniques that work better for your family. Do your research and speak with an expert to learn about pumpkin varieties, planting and harvesting. Try a different variety of pumpkin each year to discover what works best in your home soil. Planting pumpkins at home can be a fun and educational activity for your family tradition that will bring great memories for the entire year.

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