The Best Type of Pumpkins to Grow for Jack O’ Lanterns

The best pumpkins to use at home are the small and dense ones, but for the jack-o-lantern consider getting a pumpkin that is taller in size. It will give you room to do your artwork, and you will use less flesh thus making it easy to carve. Below, we will go over the two best types of pumpkins to grow for jack-o’-lanterns.

The jack-o’-lantern pumpkins are a small heirloom that are bred to be carved into jack-o’-lanterns, it has a dark orange color and is ribbed. Normally, the pumpkins weigh from seven to ten pounds and are 10 inches tall. The vines usually grow up to about ten meters long; they need support to protect the fruit from falling.

Connecticut Field Pumpkins





These are the original jack-O’-lanterns. Previously the Native Americans grew them before Europeans colonized them; they were used during the Thanksgiving feast. The pumpkin has a deep orange color and is smooth. They weigh about 15- 20 pounds and are 12-18 inches high. Carving them is easy due to how thin the rind is they have a flat bottom thus making it stable enough to sit on your window or pitch.


Howden Pumpkins








John Howden developed these pumpkins in his backyard in the 1960s, and since then they have become popular with Jack-O-lanterns. They have a deep orange color, the inside is thin therefore, it is easier to carve and they last longer while curved before rotting. The bottom base provides the pumpkin with ample stability and this is one of the best pumpkins for jack-O’-lanterns.

How to Harvest the best Pumpkin for Jack-O’-Lanterns

1.) Pick an Unblemished, Symmetrical Pumpkin that has a Long Handle

For people who harvest pumpkins from their gardens, it is advisable to leave sufficient space on the stem while cutting the pumpkin from the vines, to act as a long handle. Pulling the pumpkins might damage the pumpkins and the vine. The longer the pumpkin handles the longer it will last before rotting.

2.) Carefully cut the top of the pumpkin

Ensure to make a hole that is comfortable enough for you to get your hand in and scoop out the seeds and stringy flesh from the pumpkin. After doing this, consider the best side of your pumpkin and draw designs using a washable marker, use a knife to carve out the designs.

How to slow down the pumpkins from deteriorating after curving

You can lengthen the life span of your pumpkin for a few days; keep them stored away from the sunlight during the daytime. During the nights, use an electric light to illuminate it instead of using candles, because the heat emitted by candles fasten the rate at which decay happens. Light the jack-o’-lantern for a few hours only at night.

Use seeds as snacks

The seeds you extract out of the pumpkin should be properly stored because once they are roasted; they are very delicious snacks that you can give out when handing out candy to kids and neighbors during trick-or-treating. This will save you the cost of buying so much candy during the Halloween season.

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