How High Can a Rabbit Jump?

Rabbits make adorable and friendly pets. They are also a delight to see in the wild. You always stop and watch a rabbit hop away when you accidentally scare one while pulling out of your driveway in the morning.

They are known for their hopping. But what about their full-on jumping? How high can a rabbit actually jump? Depending on size, breed and if the rabbit is tame or wild, this can range anywhere from 1 to 4 feet.

Why Do Rabbits Jump

If you have a pet rabbit, you have noticed that he jumps from time to time. Why? Well, he is doing this for a few reasons. Once you understand your rabbit’s cues, you can bond more with him.

  • Your rabbit is happy

Your rabbit might do random jumps because he is happy. Showing off for you by doing his best jump is a way for him to show you that he is happy in your care.

  • Your rabbit is scared

Most animals do some kind of hop when they get scared. You jump when you get scared, right? You’ve seen those cats jump away from a cucumber (if not, don’t try it at home, your cat will hate you).

When a rabbit is scared or feels threatened he will jump. He wants to show that he is a bigger opponent.

  • Your rabbit needs some exercise

Sometimes your rabbit is so full of energy that he needs to burn some off. So he jumps around. Play with him and let him work off some of that energy.

Which Rabbit Jumps Higher? Tame vs Wild

There are wild rabbits and tame rabbits. Naturally, wild rabbits will jump more and be able to jump higher because they need to for survival. But that doesn’t mean that tame rabbits can’t jump high. So how high can a rabbit jump?

  • Baby rabbits

Little baby rabbits will be able to jump a few feet. Once they are around 8 weeks old they will start to jump. So you don’t have a lot of time to get your house rabbit proof. They can jump 1 to 2 feet when young.

  • Adult rabbits

The bigger the rabbit, the bigger the jump. Adult rabbits can really get some ups. They are known to jump at least 4 feet high if they put their mind to it.

But normal tame rabbits still only jump up to 3 feet because they don’t have the need to jump any higher. You still need to make sure things are off of tables or desks that you don’t want your rabbit to accidentally knock over.

  • Wild rabbits

Wild rabbits can, and will, jump higher. They also have the advantage of a running head start. If you have an outdoor space you need to keep rabbits out of, a 5 foot high fence is a must. Wild rabbits can clear a 4 foot fence easily.

Which Rabbit Jumps the HighestTame Rabbit

We went over how high can a rabbit jump, so let’s look at the breeds that jump the highest.

  • Tans
  • English Spots
  • Holland Lops

These are the breeds that are known for their jumping. But really, with the proper training, any rabbit can find their inner jump. So be on the lookout for these furry jumpers. You never know when they might put some extra spring in their step.

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